About Us

WDRD is an another wing of Hashe Computer Solutions. and based in Florida  We have experience of more than 10 years in designing and developing user focused interaction solutions for websites, web applications and rich internet applications. We have more than 100 satisfied clients in USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia.

We are a passionate team of over 30 designers, programmers and HTML coders who are experts in UI technologies like Microsoft Silver-light, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, programming and scripting languages like CSS, XSLT, XML and Javascript and databases like MS-SQL and MySQL.

Since 1998, we are helping clients in achieving their on-line marketing, lead generation and sales objectives. Our website design/redesign, application redesign and Web 2.0 design solutions are user focused and we place eminence on ease of use, clarity with simple yet powerful designs.

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